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Digital marketing is no longer an add-on. It’s an imperative.​​​​​ At Codesmithers, we help forward thinking clients with expert insights, strategies and execution muscles for winning , from social media and mobile marketing to online research and programmatic buying.


Digital marketing consultation...

We can help you with strategy planning and identifying relevant digital channels available in the market most suited to meeting your brand objective and business returns. Our consultation service also includes detailed timeline, implementation plans and comprehensive analysis to drive your organisation's digital reputation off the charts (in an awesome way of course)

Creative Conceptualization

By using powerful visuals to relate your message to your target audience, we can foster higher interactions and a lasting impression towards your brand or your campaign. Do you want your design to be chic? Oriental? Professional? Sexy? We can help you bring your aspirations to life!

Mobile Marketing

Do you know Nigeria has one of the highest smartphone penetration in Africa?, Have you noticed how so many of us can't seem to keep our eyes off our smartphone screens? Mobile devices have gained massive popularity as a preferred method of communication by majority of our society today. Don't miss out on the opportunity to interact and connect with your audience in real-time! Good strategy aside, we will make sure the execution itself will be flawless and promptly delivered to your audience at the right time and the right platform.

Social Media Marketing

It is easy to set up a social media account but the maintenance required can get complicated very fast. Known as the digital word of mouth platform, you will be able to create and convert your fans or followers to be your real life brand ambassadors and even develop loyal customers ! With good content and effective response and crisis management plans for your social assets and campaigns , you can efficiently promote brand awareness , increase engagement and trust with your audience, placing you ahead of your competitions.

Search Marketing

Do you want to boost sales ? Increase traffic to your website? Garner participation from your audience? Put yourself ahead of the game by making yourself more noticeable by your audience! Running online advertisements may look simple but with our expertise and knowledgeable panels of SEO ninjas , every naira spent will guarantee performance to meet your objectives and ROIs . No organization is too small to invest in search marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective tools which directly deliver sales and promotional content to your audience and increase customer retention by raising brand/product awareness and through the building of relationships. Being somewhat primitive as compared to other digital tools available in the market, email marketing should not be underestimated in your marketing strategy. We can help you create and design your content, broadcast or blast it to your audience and furnish you with a comprehensive campaign tracking and analytical report.

Research and analytics

There is so much to unearth in the data hidden behind all that pretty interface . Armed with precious knowledge and expertise , we can help you understand the performance of your digital product by providing smart insights such as your traffic volume, popular search terms , demographics or geographical patterns and so much more. We will do all the digital forensic work for you!


We make Brands count

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